Tips and Tricks

Markdown Pager

Set mdv as your pager for sncli and get a formatted view of your markdown files [Suggested by s5unty]:

  • Install mdv

  • Create a pager/wrapper

    /usr/bin/less -R -c =(mdv "$1")
  • Make the reader an executable file

    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mdless
  • Now set mdless as your pager

    cfg_pager = /usr/local/bin/mdless

Note: MDV does not yet support using a light backdround

Vim, Auto-set filetype


Add a modeline to each note, for VimOutliner you would add [Suggested by insanum]:

; vim:ft=votl

This will change the file type for the note it’s been added to.


You could also add an AutoCommand to your vimrc:

augroup sncli_ft
au BufEnter,BufWrite,BufRead,BufNewFile /tmp/*.txt set filetype=asciidoc
augroup END

This will set text files opened in sncli’s default temp directory to the filetype of Asciidoc.